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How is SKY Different?

Many physicians and mental health professionals recommend meditation and breathing techniques to patients to help manage their stress levels and improve overall health.

SKY Meditation is a unique approach to meditation. It’s not about emptying the mind, sitting uncomfortably, or practicing a new religion. It’s about sitting, breathing, letting go, and opening the door to a profound state of clarity and deep relaxation.

The key to meditation is letting go. Not trying to control anything — especially the thinking process. But beginners as well as long-term meditators can get frustrated during the practice of some kinds of meditation because they find it difficult to quiet the mind. The SKY Meditation Program remedies this by utilizing the breath as a natural doorway into meditation. It is also an invaluable way to enhance any meditation technique you may already practice.

The SKY Meditation technique utilizes natural rhythms of breath that automatically settle the mind so that you may easily relax, slip into meditation, and experience more subtle and expanded consciousness.

Practitioners of SKY Meditation feel more relaxed and experience a sense of deep peace and awareness that continues throughout the day.

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7 Reasons Why You Should Learn SKY Meditation

1. Have More Energy and Experience Greater Happiness

Research shows that SKY Meditation reduces stress and fatigue while increasing positive emotions and energy levels.

5. Be More Productive

Research shows that SKY Meditation enhances brain functioning associated with memory, attention and focus. It can increase your capacity to multitask and make better decisions.

2. Be Healthier

Research shows that SKY Meditation boosts brain, hormone and immune system functioning and its beneficial effects reach all the way down to the DNA.

6. Improve Your Relationships

Research shows that SKY Meditation significantly boosts feelings of social connectedness and naturally improves your relationship with people around you.

3. Beat the Blues

Research shows that SKY Meditation has proven to decrease anxiety and depression and increases optimism and serenity.

7. Benefits Begin Immediately

Research shows that SKY Meditation reduces stress hormones and increases well-being hormones from the very first session.

4. Gain Mastery Over Your Mind and Emotions

Research shows that SKY Meditation increases feelings of calm and the ability to regulate your emotional reactions

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Effortless Meditation Through the Breath

How is SKY DifferentSKY Meditation is an easy and effortless way of meditating. It utilizes natural rhythmic breathing cycles, which bring the body, mind, and breath into harmony, enabling one to slip naturally into meditation.

Because the mind can be so active, many people find it difficult to settle down and meditate. That is because it can be difficult to quiet the mind with the mind itself. A more tangible, effective, and direct tool for stilling the mind and being is the breath.

SKY Meditation (also known as Sudarshan Kriya), has been taught for more than 30 years, and is now available in more than 150 countries. Thousands of instructors worldwide have been trained to teach these effective techniques, which produce both immediate and long-term benefits.